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Quickie Q7   Quickie
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The Quickie® Q7 with 7000 Series Aluminum and ShapeLoc Technology is shifting the axis of today's mobility world creating the ultimate in a light-weight wheelchair. Packed with more performance and lifestyle options than ever, the Q7's leading design and exciting new colors will have everyone saying, "I Want Q7!" Q7...lighter weight, lighter price.

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Unbelievably Light
The Q7 with rear wheels and wheel locks can be configured as low as 14 lbs! This feat is accomplished using 7000 Series Aluminum and ShapeLoc technology, which together increase overall rigidity without compromising weight. In addition, every element on the chair has been carefully analyzed and evaluated to eliminate any excess weight.

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ShapeLoc Technology
Heat Treated aerospace 7000 series aluminum is the key to the Quickie Q7's remarkably low weight. Using a special post heat-treatment process, ShapeLoc technology unlocks the potential of this traditionally difficult alloy. The result is a remarkable tubing that's lighter than titanium, more rigid, and less expensive.

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Unparalleled Performance
To maximize performance, ovalized tubing is used in the frame, axle plate, and caster housing. Its superior vertical strength decreases frame flex and increases overall rigidity. In addition, new caster setting options for small caster wheels make it possible to place casters further away from the center of gravity, which in turn makes the chair easier to maneuver.

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Unique Style
With a sleek, ultra modern design, the Quickie Q7 lives up to Quickie's reputation for cutting edge design and style. The wide range of functional and contemporary options optimize your style. Over 20 frame colors and 6 hardware colors can be blended into hundreds of possible custom combinations.

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Featuring 2 unique frames, the Q7 has the Adjustable frame; allowing for environmental and physical changes and the Active Rigid frame; for the user who knows exactly what he or she wants in a chair.

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The Hydroformed Caster Housing creates a unique, streamlined shape and form without compromising adjustability or weight.

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Featuring the exclusive 4 link rear suspension with a live axle and independent coil spring system. Allowing a smoother, stable ride over a variety of terrain.

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The new caster bolt design uses indexed sleeves and a captured bolt that effortlessly align. It only requires tightening on one side.

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New backrest options include telescoping push handles that provide infinite height adjustability and Ballistic Nylon or 3DX Spacer Fabric upholstery.

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The Ultra Lite Package listed on the order form provides high performance low-weight options at a significantly reduced price.

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Make a statement with one of 6 new standard frame colors. Choose from Copper, Fuschia, Glow in the Dark, Rootbeer, Silver, or Titanium.

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Add some more personality to your chair with side guard and backpost color options.

Bullet image SUNRISE MEDICAL has been awarded the ISO- 9001 Certificate, which affirms the quality of our products at every stage, from research and development to production.
Tech Specs image
Model: EIR4
Product Weight: 29 lbs.
Product Width: 12" - 22" seat width / 20.5" - 28.5" overall width
Product Length/Depth: 12" - 20" seat depth
Product Height:

14" - 22" front seat-to-floor height

Max. User Weight:

265 lbs. - standard, 350 lbs.- heavy duty

Caster Options:

3", 3" x 1.5", 4", 4 x 1.25", 4" x 1.5", 5", 5" x 1.5", 6", 6" x 1.5", 7", 8", 8" x 1.5", 8" x 2"

Rear Wheel Options: 20", 22", 24", 25", 26"
Transport Weight:

17.6 lbs. (16" x 16" frame, without rear wheels or accessories)

Shipping Dimensions:

32"w x 36"h x 13"d

Country of Origin: USA
As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Home Mobility reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice.
Warranty Info image
Kindly refer to user manual for detailed warranty on this product.
For further information about the product's warranty, please contact info@homemobility.info
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