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Merlin Mattress Variator

Easily fit under the mattress. Press the button on the pendant and the back rises up to 80 deg. Specially designed for the persons who just need this extra comfort, without having to change their bed.

Ref.: 10745
O/A Dimensions: 107.5 x 72.7 cm wxd
Max. User weight:

127 Kg

Origin: United Kingdom
Webbed Back Rest

Can be adjusted to different angles to provide the comfortable position you are looking for. The frame at the top is recessed to allow enough space for the head. Wide enough to support the back and yet very stable to use.

Ref.: 10773
O/A Dimensions: 66 x 59 x 30.5 - 56.5 cm wxdxh
Max. User weight: 102 Kg
Origin: United Kingdom
Overbed Table

Easy to adjust the height by simply lifting the lever: Automatic adjustment / infinite stop. Modified “H” base allows use with chair or bed. Top has plastic-laminated wood finish with vinyl edges and base has grey epoxy finish. Supports up to 40 lb of distributed weight.

Ref.: A793048
O/A Dimensions: 76.5 x 38 x 70 -97 cm wxdxh
Origin: USA
Static Overbed Table

Versatile table (open-toed for convenient positioning
and access) can be used with bed or our Riser & Recliners. Adjustable in height, operable by 8mm integral handwheels, the table offers a tiltable function with retaining edges to prevent items from slipping. Superb, high quality beech polished table top, which is easy to wipe clean. Manufactured in robust steel and finished in chocolate brown epc.

Ref.: B41
O/A Dimensions: 61 x 45.8 x 60 x 91.5 cm wxdxh
Origin: United Kingdom
Static Overbed Table with Split

Same as static overbed table with a split on the side, that is independantly height adjustable. The split will remain horizontal, usefull to place items when the table is tilted.

Ref.: B44
O/A Dimensions: 15 x 45.8 cm (Split only)
Origin: United Kingdom
Dublin Lift Easy

Single side bed aid offers transfer support in & out of bed. Handgrip complies with MDA guidelines for entrapment protection. Large base frame for maximum under mattress stability. Suitable for intensive cleaning. 2 piece framework clips together with easy-fit lin clips. Compact bed rails for easy storage.

Ref.: B54
O/A Dimensions: 62.5 x 70 x 43.2 cm base wxlxh
Max. User weight: 190 Kg
Origin: United Kingdom
Permalux Cot Protector

Provides protective barrier for cot sides to ensure patient safety. Two-way stretch, water resistant, vapour permeable PU cover reduces shear and friction forces.
Fire Retardant.

Ref.: PL092BL
O/A Dimensions: 203 x 33 cm wxd
Origin: United Kingdom
Slide Roll

Slides easily under patient to reposition him in bed or during transfer.

Ref.: T004SR
O/A Dimensions: 69 x 143 cm wxd
Origin: United Kingdom
Turn Easy

This cushion safely swivel for rotational transfer from bed to seat. Can also be used to get in/out the car.

Ref.: 13408
Diameter: 38 cm
Max. User weight: 190 Kg
Origin: United Kingdom
Patient Handler

Helps you transfer or reposition the patient.

Ref.: 10884
O/A Dimensions: 55 x 21 cm wxd
Origin: United Kingdom
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