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Freelift’s stairlifts have an attractive single tubular rail. In addition various seats are available, in a choice of materials and attractive colours. A child’s seat is also available.

The Van Gogh stairlift is designed for use on curved staircases. It consists of a single tubular rail, which is less than 8cm in diameter, and provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride up even the most complicated of staircases.
It runs almost silently and the compact design allows plenty of space for other stair users.

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This easy to use control can be positioned on left and right arm.

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Safety Belt: Fitted as standard for your protection and security.

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Manual Swivel: Push down lever allows seat to be swivelled enabling safe mounting and dismounting.

Option Powered Swivel: The seat will move automatically, operated by the joystick.

Bullet image Supplied with 2 wireless remote controls, wall mounted or hand held
Bullet image 45 deg Downward Facing Seat: The seat is able to travel downward facing at 45 deg. useful for narrow stairwell or when user has limited knee flexion.
Bullet image Key Switch: The key can be removed to prevent unauthorized use.
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Folding Seat: The arm rests, seat and foot support can be folded away easily, maximising the clear space on the stairs.

Bullet image Footrest Linkage: Simultaneously folds up with seat.
Bullet image Functional Design with the Single Tubular Rail: with different types of stairlifts, we are able to place a Handicare stairlift in complicated staircases..
Bullet image Spiral stairs ...
Bullet image Top & Bottom overrun with 90 deg. or 180 deg bend, Drop nose ...
Bullet image Automatic Folding Hinge: to avoid any obstruction at the bottom of he stairs, eg. doorway, an automatic hinged rail with safety system is available.
Bullet image Freelift stairlifts have safety edges on the footrest and the motor unit. The lift will automatically stop if it comes into contact with any obstruction on the stairs, and will only continue its journey once the lift has been moved in the opposite direction via the joystick or remote, and the obstacle has been removed.
Bullet image In the event of a power failure, our stairlifts will operate as long as there is adequate power in the batteries (up to 10/15 trips if fully charged). Our stairlifts perform a 3 second diagnostic check before every trip, and will not start a journey unless there is sufficient power to reach to other end.
Bullet image Freelift hold ISO 9001:2008 Quality certificate, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certificate and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate for Occupation Health and Safety. Complies with BSI BS 5776 Specification for Powered stairlifts, and all of our products are tested and inspected by global independent inspection agencies (NIVL, BSI, TUV). We will also comply with the new EN81-40 European standard for stairlift design and safety when this comes into force in 2010.
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Model: Van Gogh
Max. User Weight: 125 Kg
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Home Mobility reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice.
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One year Warranty against manufacturer defect.
For further information about the product's warranty, please contact info@homemobility.info
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