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Roby is the mobile tracked stair climber that gives wheelchair users the chance to overcome architectural barriers both in the home and in the outside world, without any permanent installations.

It is designed and constructed to climb stairs of all kinds with no risk of damage to them, thanks to its prehensile rubber track.

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Innovative and safe
Thanks to the Integrated (Tratogetronic) electronic drive control, Roby guarantees constant speed in every situation, laden or empty, going both up and down stairs; guaranteed peace of mind for the user at all times.

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Reliable, always
The electronic control system reduces the risk of failures and wear, ensuring longer lifetime and excellent performance. Roby also has a manual operating system to allow the passenger to be brought back down the stairs in the event of an emergency.

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Ergonomic and functional
The Roby mobile stair climber is custom-built for the user to assure him smooth, comfortable travel at all times, and for the carer, who will welcome this unit's stability and effortless operation.

Bullet image Electronic management of the battery charger and level of charge means that it will never
drop below 8-10%.
Bullet image It can be dismantled in two manageable pieces and transportable by car; its light weight and small size make it easy to move (self-standing steering wheel)
Bullet image Easy floor transfer, thanks to auxiliary wheels that activate automatically.
Bullet image Safety clamps secures the wheelchair to Roby stair climber.
Bullet image User friendly operation with safety in mind.
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User friendly control with easy 2-button operation, key lock, battery indicator, gradient indicator and emergency stop button.

Large ergonomic handles, easy to grab.

Bullet image Multi-functional platform, to use on any manual wheelchair (Optional).
Bullet image Small wheel housing (optional).
Bullet image Complies with CE Standards, European Directive 2004/108 EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility, European Directive 2007/47 Medical Devices (manufacturer’s certification), Tested by Berlin Cert.
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Model: T09
Max. User Weight: 130 Kg.
Minimum stair width: 720 mm.
Minimum depth of landing: 970 mm with wheelchair with footrest and passenger on board for standard and A.R.P. version;
1100 mm for P.P. version.
Gradient: 35° max; the gradient indicator is on the control panel.
Speed: 5 m/1’ upwards; 5 m/1’ downwards
Motorization: Irreversible reduction gearbox, self-braking, with axial transmission driven by brushless 24V-500w
electronically controlled engine.
Power supply: 24 V, by means of 2 V-12 Ah batteries in series, rechargeable.
Full load autonomy: 23 actual floors of which 22 until the blinking on the GREEN led.
Weight: 47 kg (37 kg mobile unit, 10 kg steering bar)
Country of Origin: Italy
As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Home Mobility reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice.
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One year Warranty against manufacturer defect.
For further information about the product's warranty, please contact info@homemobility.info
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